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Surf the Internet with an innovative alternative to Opera browser
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Opera Neon is an innovative alternative to Opera browser. This concept browser, as was called by Opera Software AS, allows users to surf the web using a software solution that may constitute the next potential step for web browsers.

After the installation, the user is welcomed by a unique interface, one that looks like a desktop and which has a wallpaper. On the main display area, besides the usual search bar, there are various big link icons of multiple sites spread all over the main window. When the user opens a web-page the icons are being aligned to the right, in a special icon tab.

Being a concept browser, Opera Neon doesn't have powerful embedded features. It lacks extensions or pinned tabs, and if you open a high number of tabs at once it becomes sluggish.

Still, it does have a Snap-to-gallery feature, which is useful when you need to snap, crop or save images from the websites, such as a meme or a nice photo.

A nice feature is the Split screen, which allows users to browse two pages at once by simply dragging the visual tabs to the left or to the right panel. All you need to do is move your mouse between pages.

Another cool addition is the option to pop-out videos and players so that the users can surf the Internet while listening or watching their favorite YouTube song.

To summarize, Opera Neon is a web-browser that offers users an insight of how web-browsing may look in the future. It's not perfect and doesn't have killer features, but it's definitely an enjoyable experience.

John Saunders
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  • Has an attractive interface
  • Comes provided with a Split screen feature
  • Allows users to snap, crop or save images from the websites


  • Lacks extensions or pinned tabs
  • Becomes sluggish when opening multiple tabs
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